About US

Our mission

To connect the global yoga community by introducing an easy to use online platform for yogis to share experience, join classes, meet other yogis and explore a healthier lifestyle – to create a home truly dedicated for yogis.

Our vision

Make our world healthier, happier and less violent.

The YIPPEE story

YIPPEE was born when founder Vivian struggled to get up-to-date about the yoga trainings that she would have joined if she knew about them earlier. Often she found out about the classes only after fellow yogis shared their practice photos. At the same time, she heard from many teacher friends on their struggle to find students and the difficulty to create a presence. She thought there are clearly many students who want to join classes but do not know how to start, and many good teachers but hard to find enough students. Is there an easier way to connect the two?

As a yogi, she knew the importance of words of mouth when yogis decided to take a certain class. A simple class-listing app will not be able to solve the problem in the yoga world. Therefore, she decides to build a community platform empowering yogis to create, join classes on their own and more importantly, see the class friends are going to and join together before it is too late!


Vivian Wong founded YIPPEE out of her love for yoga. Together with Thomas Hui, an experienced programmer and Louis Lam, a seasoned UI/UX designer, she decided to build a (online) home that is truly dedicated for yogis.

Vivian is an advanced yogi and obtained the qualification of Advanced Teacher Training in 2014. She practiced yoga since 2009, around the same time when she quitted her Investment Banking job as an Equity Analyst to become a full time entrepreneur building and running successful restaurant and as recipient of HSBC Youth Business Award and Innovative Entrepreneur Award. Work of an entrepreneur brought along tremendous stress. With yoga she is able to keep herself physically fit, and to provide her the inner peace needed to face all the daily challenges.