YIPEEE – the online community for yogis

YIPPEE is a free of charge online community app dedicated for the yoga community. It allows yoga teachers to create class, workshops and trainings while students can join with one click. In addition, users can share images associated with their yoga practice, direct message each other and to visually discover new poses by browsing images others have created.

Features Highlights

The online community app for yogis

YIPPEE’s vision is to connect the global yoga community. It allows yogis to create, discover posts, interact and explore a healthy lifestyle.

Teachers create class easily

Empower yoga teachers to be able to create their own teaching posts easily. Instruction posts and posters can be created via YIPPEE in just a few clicks.

Join yoga instructions with just one click

Students can browse and join with a click according to their own interest, level and preference.

Attending classes together

Most of the time you will find it difficult to choose what classes to attend. At YIPPEE, you can see the classes a friend is going to and you may decide to join together!


What is YIPPEE?

YIPPEE is an online community app dedicated for yogis. With more than billions of practitioners in the world, there is yet a single channel to connect the yoga community together. YIPPEE is created to allow yogis to create and join classes, share photos and experience, inspire each other and explore a yoga way of living together.


YIPPEE is used to express exuberant delight or triumph. It is a state of mind that we want everyone in the world to achieve. The demands of modern life – a hectic lifestyle and stress have brought us different physical and mental issues. At the same time, the world seems to become less safe, less peaceful and filled with negativity. We hope to promote yoga and raise the awareness of a balanced lifestyle via YIPPEE. By practicing yoga, people can strengthen their physical body, cure diseases and relieve their mental and emotional distresses. We wish for everyone in the world to achieve inner peace and happiness. To be mindful of what we are doing and be content of who we are.

Who is behind YIPPEE?

Vivian Wong is the founder of YIPPEE. She founded YIPPEE together with Thomas Hui, an experienced programmer and Louis Lam, a seasoned UI/UX designer. Vivian is an advanced yogi and obtained the qualification of Yoga Teaching in 2014. She has started practicing yoga since 2009, about the same time when she quitted her Investment Banking job as an Equity Analyst to become a full time entrepreneur building and running successful restaurants, exemplify by her recipient of HSBC Youth Business Award and Innovative Entrepreneur Award. New work challenge as an entrepreneur brought along tremendous stress. With yoga she is able to keep herself physically fit, but also brings her with the inner peace needed to face all the daily challenges.

Where is YIPPEE located?

We are based in Hong Kong. We focus to launch in the Asian market first and then later on in other parts of the world.

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